Coto Pelayo was born in response to a need for small and medium-sized wineries, mostly family-owned, that want to export but do not have the financial and/or human resources to do it.

This is why we created the concept of association of wineries for export, complemented by distribution in Spain, mainly in Madrid.

This idea of ​​association makes us the External Export Department of our wineries, as well as their Wine Distributor in Madrid.

We know first-hand how difficult it is to assume the investment in the export commercial area for a small and medium-sized winery: from personnel specialized in wines, with command of languages, as well as the costs of travel, fairs, commercial promotion, etc.

The outsourcing of the export department is a perfect option for this profile of small and medium-sized wineries, since it allows access to foreign markets more economically than doing it yourself and with specialized personnel in each region of the world.

We work as if it were a single winery group, which has different production plants throughout Spain and the Export Department located in Madrid. We integrate into the winery and assume the role of Export Manager.

We carry out pull and push commercial actions for our wineries, this means that we respond to the requests of our importers trying to get them to incorporate the wines of our wineries into their product portfolios, as we actively search for potential importers for our associates.

Every year we carry out a series of commercial actions in different countries of the world, with different objectives adapted to each winery.

We offer the possibility of unifying your purchases with these advantages:

  • Reduction of logistics costs: grouping the merchandise from the warehouses and even assembling mixed pallets from several warehouses.
  • Big range of products from the most representative areas of Spain, having to speak only with one interlocutor.
  • Dealing with personnel specialized in international trade and wines, receiving commercial and technical support that you may need and centralizing in a single interlocutor for various products, so the procedures are expedited.
  • Support for brand development in the destination country, with product presentations, commercial work, tastings, etc.
  • The prices of our wineries do not entail increases due to commercial commissions, the single export rate of the winery is always worked, since Coto Pelayo is part of the winery.

Professionalization and expansion of markets, with the following advantages:

  • Have qualified personnel both in the area of ​​wines and international trade, always having advice on issues of documentation, negotiation, qualitative-quantitative aspects of wine and any other factor associated with international sales.
  • Possibility of covering many international markets at a reduced cost.
  • Professionals specialized by regions of the world.
  • We make our facilities available to wineries: showroom, tasting room, etc.
  • Control of the commercial activity, receiving a report of actions with the data of the importers visited.
  • Coto Pelayo is a wine distributor that operates at a national level and with a greater presence in Madrid. We distribute the wines of our associated wineries and some more, completing a large catalog with representation from the entire Spanish geography, both in price range and denominations and grape varieties.
  • If you are a restaurant, bar, specialized store, distributor or you simply want to surprise your clients, suppliers or employees with wine, at Coto Pelayo we offer you specific advice for your business carried out by specialized sommeliers who will try to understand the nature of your business and adapt to the needs of your company, both at the qualitative level of the wine, and in price ranges.
  • For institutional gifts, we also personalize wine presentations and organize all the logistics for your clients so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • We support the foods services sector with training for its staff, so they can learn to better sell each type of wine based on the menu that your business offers. We also prepare menus adapted to the gastronomic offer of each establishment.
  • We serve the entire peninsula with delivery times of 24-48 hours. For the Balearic and Canary Islands, check delivery times.


From the Madrid offices, Laura González, Loretta Fernández, Alberto Alcalá, Guillermo Casares and Ángeles Puerto work each area of ​​Coto Pelayo.


CEO - Foundress

Somelier, WSET 3, specialist in wines and their international trade.


International Business Manager - Europe & USA

Somelier specialized in international trade and marketing.


International Business Manager - Latin America

Specialist in international business and marketing of alcoholic beverage.


International Business Manager - Eastern Europe and Asia

Somelier specialist in Marketing. WSET2.



Administration and accounting.

Where we are

You will find us in the heart of Madrid, next to Calle Serrano and Calle Concha Espina, at the following address:

Calle Jiloca, 4, local, 28016 Madrid

Nearby metro lines: Concha Espina, Bernabéu

Buses: 7, 43, 120, 51, 16 and 29

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