Export Department
of Spanish wineries with presence in more than 30 countries.
Family wineries
with different Denominations of Origin and with a unique personality, different varieties and high quality.
Wine specialists
We offer advice and training to our national and international clients.
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The global solution for the marketing of wines from small and medium-sized wineries.


Introduce the wines of our wineries in different markets with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship with essentially international but also national business partners, becoming a global solution for importers and restaurant professionals who want to work with Spanish wines from unique wineries.


To be an international reference in terms of Spanish wine, for all importers and distributors, advising on the wines that best suit the needs of each client, always with a professional and efficient service.

Passion for wine

Coto Pelayo is an Association of family Wineries located throughout the Spanish geography and with a clear commercial vocation both nationally and internationally. For our wineries, we are mainly their export department, working with the purpose of combining synergies, which also facilitate a reduction in commercial costs for both wineries and importers. We also help to increase the presence of their wines in the national market, both in foods services as an end customer.

Our History

From our roots to the top

Our story is one of those that show that there are no barriers in entrepreneurship. Laura González Sainz, 30, and José Antonio Mijares, 72, shared a similar passion for wine despite their age difference, and they decided to create a company that would help develop international markets for small and medium-sized wineries, and that’s how Coto Pelayo was born.

First agreements with the wineries


5 wineries place their trust in us for their international expansion

Company foundation


Coto Pelayo becomes a Limited Company

The Coto Pelayo family grows

2014 - 2015

Thanks to the success in international markets and the large number of agreements closed with importers and distributors, we are growing in staff

International consolidation


Our wineries strengthen their presence with importers and distributors from Asia, America and Europe

New installations and image


The small office in which we started became too small for us, and we moved our installations to a place more adapted to our new needs, launching a new corporate image

Opening new ways of business


Currently, Coto Pelayo is a team of young wine professionals, with a presence in more than 25 countries, also growing in national distribution, working for the diffusion of wine culture in collaboration with more than 100 wineries in Spain.

Our Wineries

Our Associated Wineries are selected by carrying out an exhaustive analysis, where we consider different parameters such as quality, price, presentation and winery philosophy, among others.

At Coto Pelayo, we represent wineries from all over Spain, using their synergies and at the same time highlighting the uniqueness of each one of them, offering importers, distributors and foods services a wide range of references. We are your Wine Export Department.

Each one of the Associated Wineries has printed its character and essence in Coto Pelayo, allowing us to form this great family where the needs of each member are attended to.

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