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Coto Pelayo has a large variety of wines from family wineries and careful productions.

The profiles of each winery are unique and with a lot of personality, just like their owners.

We cover a big range of grape varieties, winemaking regions and price levels.

Professionals from the world of wine will help you choose those wines that best suit your business.

We will also give you support in all the logistics of your orders, which will mean a reduction in costs.


The prices you receive are direct from the warehouse.

We group orders from several warehouses into a single one to reduce your logistics costs, in addition to simplifying procedures for you.

You reduce risks starting with small quantities from each winery, without minimum purchases per producer.

You can receive a single invoice with all the wines from the different wineries that you are acquiring, reducing customs and bank costs.

We can give you support in your country by doing face-to-face or virtual tastings, training, visiting your clients… whatever you need from the winery for brand development.

Because you will talk to people who understand you: wine professionals who know the product and can advise you on what can work best for your type of business.

We understand you: we know the product and we understand your business.

Quite simply, because we will offer you great quality, service and we will make your life easier!


We will help you export the wines from your winery, looking for the right client in each country and achieving long-term relationships.

We have clients spread over more than 40 countries around the world, where we constantly carry out commercial work.

Each Coto Pelayo professional specializes in an area of ​​the world and travels to visit our clients and also potential importers. There we carry out various promotional activities such as trade missions, attendance at fairs and showrooms, among others.

The services offered by Coto Pelayo can be covered by foreign trade aid offered by different organizations, such as the wine CMO.

If you want to start exporting with the help of professionals from the world of wine, with reduced costs, Coto Pelayo is the solution for your winery.

Check the Wineries section to find out how to become part of Coto Pelayo.

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